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For your protection and to ensure prompt, accurate service, all fuel orders must be placed over the phone.  To expedite your order, you may use a credit or debit card.  Please remember card purchases don't qualify for cash discount pricing.

                        Please call as early as possible to increase the
                        chance of same-day delivery.       336-788-1535

If you are having a problem with your heating or cooling system, click here for some simple troubleshooting tips that could get you going again and possibly save you a service call!
The Automatic Fill Plan prevents you from having to constantly measure your tank and order fuel.  We track your consumption daily based on the outdoor temperature and your historical usage rate.  We then fill your tank when we're filling the other customers in your area.

                        Call for more details!  336-788-1535

The Equal Payment Plan uses previous usage amounts to calculate a monthly payment that stays the same all year, unless something drastically affects the components of your calculated rate- either up or down.  The plan typically starts with a full tank, with monthly payments beginning in June of each year.  The following May, we check your account balance and either settle the account or adjust next year's payment to compensate for your overpayment or underpayment.

                        Call to get more information and to get on the
                        list to receive no-obligation information in the
                        spring when the plan restarts.    336-788-1535

Kent and Dot Pegram started the business in 1957 with one used oil truck.  Dot was the secretary, and Kent did everything else.
Their son, Jerry, joined the business in 1964. He shared the role of serviceman and delivery driver with his dad and one other employee.  Kent retired from the business in 1979 and Jerry, with his wife Nancy, continued the friendly, family service their customers had grown to expect.
Jerry and Nancy's son, Mark, joined the company in 1991 and is now working side-by-side with his wife Robyn. 

Mark, Joe, David, and Jim handle the deliveries and service, while Robyn and Kay keep everything running smoothly.  We all look forward to taking care of you and your family's heating and cooling needs.

Serving the Triad Area of North Carolina for Over 65 Years

We Personally Remove Your Tank-
We Don't Sub It Out To Other Companies

1000 Gallon Tank Removal
Don't trust your tank job to "a guy with a backhoe"!  Pegram Oil has been removing underground oil tanks for over 25 years.

We have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to do it right!
Call for more information or to schedule a tank assessment
We remove underground, above-ground, and basement tanks.  If you are considering selling your home, please call us to discuss what you should do, what you should avoid, and where to start. We have the equipment and experience to quickly, safely, and confidentially empty, remove, and dispose of your fuel tank.
  • Heating Oil
  • Kerosene
  • Off-Road Diesel
  • Automatic Fill Service
  • Furnace Repair
  • AC Repair
  • Tank Installation
  • Underground Tank Removal