Do you have a digital thermostat that may need batteries?

Is your thermostat set to HEAT (not COOL or OFF)?

Is your thermostat setpoint at least 5 degrees HIGHER than room temperature?

Have you measured the fuel in your tank? You must measure with a tank stick, tape measure, or tank mounted gauge. YOU CANNOT KNOCK ON THE TANK TO ESTIMATE FUEL LEVEL!

If you have an adequate supply of fuel in your tank, you may press the reset button one time!  If the burner doesn't run, check your breakers or fuses.  Note: There may also be a fuse located near or above the furnace as part of the power switch.
If the burner starts but only runs 45 seconds then cuts off, Call for Service.

Annual maintenance by HVAC professionals trained in Oil-Fired equipment is highly recommended.  Please call us for all your heating and cooling service needs!

Please note that after-hours service rates are significantly higher than during business hours.  Replacement parts are also limited to our stock, as parts suppliers are also closed after-hours.

Emergency service is only available to customers who regularly purchase fuel from us.  Please call 336-788-1535.