If your tank is LEAKING, don't touch or try to stop the leak by inserting a screw, etc!  Doing so may greatly increase the size of the leak.  If it's a small drip that you can catch in a container, do so and call for service as soon as our office opens.  If it's a large leak that can't wait, call and follow the prompts. 

If you notice bubbles forming in the paint on your tank, don't touch or scrape them! Call us during business hours.

If your tank is LEANING dangerously or has fallen but is not leaking, please call and keep everyone clear as tanks and fuel are heavy. 

If your tank has fallen and is leaking significantly, please call the Fire Department to initiate containment and clean-up as necessary.

Please note that after-hours service rates are significantly higher than during business hours.  Replacement parts are also limited to our stock, as parts suppliers are also closed after-hours.

Emergency service is only available to customers who regularly purchase fuel from us.  Please call 336-788-1535.